So, with this kind of setup, the trem is set for dive only if I understand correctly. Wouldn't this be much easier to setup than a FR set floating? I want to know this because sometime in the future I am almost sure that I want to build a Warmoth Strat. I would like to have a FR on it, but not if it's as hard to setup as a floating FR is. I've also heard that the neck pocket would have to be angled.
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nah thats easy it works thats what eddie did! and i made a frankenstrat a while ago and i ddi the same thing and i dont know about the nut. Mines straight and i dive bomb all the time and it goes perfectly back into tune so idk.
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the neck pocket will need to be angled if you don't recess the FR.

Setup isn't that hard for a FR, plus once you do set it up it will stay fine for ages.
The neck pocket doesnt have to be angled, you can put a shim in there instead, which will angle the neck without having to get the neck pocket angled.