This guitar is the nicest Les Paul I have ever seen or played, and I play a LOT of guitars. The only way I can accurately describe it is that I walked into the high end store I frequent with no intentions of buying anything and after spotting it and playing it for 15 minutes, walked out with it. I purchased it about 2 years ago and they currently go for $2,700 new on Musicians Friend. This is the Premium version with the kickass flamed top. You will NEVER find a Les Paul this nice from any of the major retailers. And it is in NEW condition as I've rarely played it. I never even removed the "60's style neck" sticker from the truss rod cover.

Unfortunately for me, I can't afford to keep it as it just doesn't fit the style of music I'm currently playing so it rarely gets used. Too much money just sitting there in a case. Obviously it comes with the black factory hardshell case. It kills me to have to sell it because it is the only guitar I've ever walked in and bought on the spot. It really is an amazing guitar.

$2,400 OBO