okay i just bought a prs se standard, and it is pretty amazing. it is very easy to play and sounds great acoustically. I want to swap the pups with something hotter but i wasn't sure what to choose. i want to get a distorted blues rock kinda sound ( like a zeppelin or wolfmother sound). i play through a orange tiny terror which sound really great for zeppelin stuff. i don't know much about pickups, but i heard good things about Seymour Duncan. i also heard the gibson burstbucker pros were very good. i was also thinking of maybe prs dragon II pups. im not sure what to choose. please give suggestions and advice.
What is the problem with the current ones?

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Duncan SH-18 would probably be good for you, as would the DiMarzio LiquiFire or X2N. You could also get a set of handwounds from some users here.

CordoroyEW and nuthinbuttrubl8 both do completely custom pickups with good discounts to UGers. Cord's are a bit more commercial, because he's been doing it longer and his prices are about the same as a Duncan.
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