We come from the New Orleans area.
Influenced by At The Drvie-In, Trophy Scars, Fall Of Troy, and Brand New.
We've been a band for about a year now, and we are currently taking a break from playing to write more material.

Give it a listen, the recording we have aren't the best.
If you live in the area, check out or page for updates on shows and come see us.

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its kinda hard to hear the vocals
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We had problems with mixing.
For some reason the machine we used didn't record vocals at normal level.
In that case the vocals need to be normalized during the mixing process

I enjoyed it. And I must say Im glad people are still influenced by some awesome bands like the ones you listed. Cant say I hear this kind of post-hardcore that much, which is always a plus for you hehe

Aside from the dodgy recording..
keep up the good work