I have been playing guitar for over a year now and I absolutely love it. But currently I am playing a Fender Squier - the one that comes in the beginner packs. Although it gets the job done I am starting to look for a nicer guitar because I plan on playing with some friends and at our school's battle of the bands, etc. I currently have my eye on the prs se custom singlecut. From what I have heard it's great. My price range is under $1000 but preferrably below $700 or so. I am also looking at a strat or an epi.

I like to play nirvana, red hot chili peppers, disturbed, tool.

so any help or suggestions would be great. i am open to any new guitars y'all think would be good. thanks
they sell jaguar HH at guitar center for about $700

or you can get a squier jagmaster which i have and be happy, cause even though youll hear people talkin sh*t about them but theyre the best things ive ever played
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For under $1000 you can get a Gibson Les Paul Studio...

That may or may not be a pieace of crud. You very could well get a jem, and I have played jem les paul studios, but they are rare, and you can still get a better guitar for the price. Look at the Jaguar HH, any PRS in your price range, if you would go used, the Gibson SG standard, if you can grab it used, is an amazing guitar, and would be under 100 dollars. I don't know if its your style, but I would try a Michael Kelly, those guitars are my new favorite, also a jackson would not be a bad idea.
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If you really like your strat, try going for a used Fender MIA Stratocaster.
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i just checked out the michael kelly guitars and they are amazing! the price is unbelievable and you get great features. it's still between the prs se and one of the michael kelly guitars though. i might be leaning towards the michael kelly's after looking at them