That's awesome!
The guitar riff is the outstanding feature of the piece for me.
You look amazing live too.
song's got some pretty slick guitar, man, nice work!
you all look like stage vets, too.
Not bad, the qulity of the video sucked, I would like to see that recorded through a professional system. I can't believe you played a song with that title at school, I guess there aint no liberal bastards where you live, bravo. Only thing I have to say is yall need to jump around more and act like morons on stage, looks like you have the guitar talent to keep playing flawlessly while doing a nose dive into the crowd. lol
your song got a little boring after a while but it wasnt bad. it was a good use of effects(phaser).
i heard your When i come along cover it was good but the guitar doesnt need phaser for that song it made it sound bad IMO and you need a bass player for that song
all in all it was pretty good keep at it
The song was pretty cool, man. The main lick was catchy and you put your effects to good use. I'd like to hear a cleaner recording some day.