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this is a cover verson from Guns N Roses without vocals.
If you want you can record your vocals for the song. Ask me for the mp3.

C4C Please!!!!!
Pretty good. I like the touch of creativity in the solos, kinda boring to hear solos that are exact note for notes of the original. Only complaint is that sometimes the solo feels kinda emotionless and other times it sounds like you're using way too much vibrato.
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Did you use a backing track or is this all you?

What is your recording setup?

I thought your tone was a little harsh, but I guess it wasn't too far off from the original. All the notes seem to be there though. Good work.
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Pretty good.

I think lead may have a touch too much distortion at the beginning. But everything sounded pretty tight. You can sort of tell the drums are not real, but they actually sound pretty good as well. I've heard way worse.

Solo sounded pretty good, I think there were a couple of parts that were a little sloppy, but you can play it better than I can.

I like the little riffs you added in there though.

c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1146500
Hey Reborn, im at work right now, so i dont have my guitar by my side to see what key you did this in. Sounds like the GNR studio version key, or maybe a half step lower.

I may be interested in throwing some vocals on there. If I get it to mix nice with your MP3.
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If it sounds good it'll be a good way to throw some traffic to your channel, I can throw some links for you in the video description.
Email me if your interested in a collab.
I like the creative riffs you threw in there

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@ unborn

i have listen to your youtube videos, they are amazing!!!
It would be glad to work with you.

i contact you at your email.

see ya