Hey guys, recently I showed my friend how to restring a floating tremolo, and today when I look to replace my low E string (I gave my friend sucky strings to put on my guitar), I see that the screw is there, but the pad isnt!

To clarify, I've got an ibanez with Edge III tremolo, and the problem is where the string is supposed to go into the tremolo unit. The pad that puts pressure on the string to keep it attached to the tremolo unit is missing, even though the screw is still there. I've looked everywhere and I can't find the missing pad because its so small.

Does Ibanez sell this part individually? (I tried looking it up on the parts section of ibanez.com but that thing's confusing.) or can anyone else find it on ibanez.com or another site?
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www.gak.co.uk sell them.
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you'll need to contact ibanez, an ibanez dealer, or strike it lucky. Floyd blocks wont fit iirc.
You just got pad-jacked bro.

I kid.

But like ProfDrum said I would contact ibanez.
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alright, i managed to find the part number anyways on ibanez's site (2ED2C3). i'll see what i can do, thanks guys.
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Yeah never turn the guitar upside down while you're changing strings, ive made that mistake too