I have a late 50's Kay Single Pickup Hollowbody that im wanting to change the pickup on since my original is dead. Im having problems finding a pickup of the right height, the pickup is about 9mm in height, I have a soapbar pickup but it is 19mm in height so its not of any use. Is there any new pickup I could buy that would fit this on the bridge at about 10mm in height? How hard would rewiring the original Kay pickup be?

All help is appreciated.
except for the fact that shipping with be a major pain, do this^
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shipping isn't nearly as bad as people think. Pickups are small and cheap to ship. Of course it needs to be shipped with insurance which bumps it up a little but if you are in the USA and shipping something to the UK shipping is still only about $12 with insurance.
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except for the fact that shipping with be a major pain, do this^

Yeah shipping is pretty reasonable. Just send it in a padded envelope and you should be alright.

A little off topic, but people always try to say shipping on a guitar is going to be $75, which is robery. I've shipped one in a hardcase for $40 I believe. People just want to make a quick buck usually on ebay or something by slamming you with shipping fees.
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If you send me the pickup I'll fix it for free.

Why would you fix it for free? To examine it and how it's made?
and there's a trust factor, how should I know it wont be given back?