I really eed a tight rhythm guitarist for my online band, The Noise.

I am planning to make a couple of covers of Meshuggah tracks like, "Future Breed Machine", "Neurotica" and a couple of others.

To join,

You MUST be able to record with good quality sound,

Be able to double your guitar tracks AT LEAST once with one track on the left, one on the right

Be online quite a lot.

Have a 7 string guitar or a detuned 6 string.

The backing tracks i have are good quality with drums and bass if that is needed. If you are interested, post here.
dude i might be able to help you, my recording quality is pretty good i think, im online all the time, have a 7 string and a detuned 6 string, to sum it all up, i think im your man. wow, that was a lot of commas. do u have a place i could check out some of your stuff?
You can check out what The Noise has done so far on the band profile on here, you can find it at the bottom of my own profile. I am trying to make the newer stuff more aggressive and mind battering. you sound like you would be an awesome person to have in the band, i will take a look at your profile. take a look at the band profile on here anyway.