Allright, so basically i've got a MIM standard tele, and i wanna chuck a humbucker in bridge position, which will mean i'll have to change the bridge, was gonna upgrade electronics and nut etc just to make it amazin'.


What to get?

I was thinking of getting a Seymour Duncan, preferably in a zebra finish

For the bridge I was lookin' at this style :


What are your opinions on the best type of nut? Best replacement wiring kits ?

Gonna be using it for hard rock kinda stuff, my amp is a JCM900
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buy the jim root tele.
or john 5.
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[quote="'xjosheex :['"]buy the jim root tele.
or john 5.

those are way more than a standard mim tele, even with upgrades. just get a USA fender wiring setup on ebay and a duncan pickup (maybe a JB), or u could always put in hot rails in the single coil spot without changing the bridge. and u can get a bridge that can fit a humbucker on either allparts or ebay. as for nuts, if ur not installing a bigsby or anything, a plain bone nut is just fine, and cheap. or u can go graphite.
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first i would go with this bridge here.
that way you save the twanginess of the bridge mounted pickup, with the beef
of a humbucker. as for the humbucker i'd definately pop in a JB, and if you really wanna
get a hot sound rather than lowering the JB to match the single, drop in a duncan
quarter pounder neck tele pup to match the output of a humbucker.
finally i'd top it off with a graphtech self lubricating nut.

PS. using that style bridge you have to modify your pickguard to fit the humbucker sized bridge. its not a tough job, but you could buy one to fit if you'd rather do such.
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