I Know, not a great guitar but its my first attempt at refinishing

Anyways, I be needing a neck and don't know what I should be buying. I believe that the scale is 24.75. The neck is a Bolt on by the way (cheapo SG FTW)

would it be fair to say that another bolt on Gibson neck would fit providing the heel is the correct size?

I have already looked for the original neck but can't find one without the body, and buying another would rather defeat the object of my project.


Edit: Forgot to mention I do not currently have a neck for this body
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whats wrong with the current one?
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Thing is with epis is they use a unique neck pocket. So no much else is gonna fit it. And well your gonna have a real hard time finding a bolt on "gibson" neck. Mightymite sells a LP replacement neck but dont know any info on it and its price is only 10$ less than a new epi SG special. Maybe try feebay.
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Well we dont really know about the gibson neck heel as any "gibson" we have ever dealt with are set necks. Those signature series are gonna be made by epi anyways. So It will probably fit yes might drop in might have to mess with it a little. It might be the only way your gonna get an economical neck for the body you have anyways. Im gonna imagine the build quality is not so good as a quick google found a complete new guitar for 99$, which is the price range of those first acts sold at sprawlmart.
I Know the quality is poor but its my first what you might call 'project' and i didn't want to start on an expensive guitar in case i do something wrong.

anyways the selller on ebay has a fair returns policy so i can only try right?