about a month ago i picked up a TS9, Russian Big Muff, Holy Grail Reverb, and a DD-6.

also got quarter-inch cables to link them, and a 9-spot.

heres the problem. about 2 days ago at practice everything was working perfectly, but then i switch my reverb on and it has a horrible fuzz to it. i begrudgingly ignored it and made a note to myself to deal with it later.

well 2 days of the gear laying in our practice spot, i decide i want to write some stuff. i pick it up and now the Big Muff won't even turn on. and i can't get any of the effects to work. i can plug straight into my amp and it makes sound. but as soon as i turn an effect on the sound cuts off. what's the deal?

i'm playing an AD Telecaster through a 65 reissue deluxe reverb.

help please? we have a show tomorrow
Try plugging each pedal into the amp individually and see if they work. It could be one of the patch cables so try each of them on their own as well.
i already tried that with each cable i own. same thing.

is there anyways leaving the 9spot plugged into to an outlet and the pedals could harm them? i keep them off but i keep the 9spot plugged in.
I doubt it, I do that from time to time and it hasn't harmed my pedals. Have you checked each pedal on it's own?
I think it's the 9-spot that's the problem.
Quote by Peytonnn
what to do?

Replace the 9-spot.

Do you have individual power cables for each pedal still?
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Replace the 9-spot.

Do you have individual power cables for each pedal still?

no sir, i bought the 1spot to be able to power them all.
Try another power supply with the pedals or try them with batteries and see if that fixes it then you'll know it's the one spot.
Try some batteries, if they work, then you know its the 9spot.
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Make sure your power supply has enough mA to power everything! Delays especially eat a lot of power.
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