Do you guys have that too, that one day you can practically play every song.
That you open a GPtab, and play along with this for example DT songs, and you can almost play it in it's entirety. some parts you have to practise and then suddenly you can play this DT song. And you play that day for 6 hours, learn some more songs.

And the next day... you are ****? Almost nothing works, you can't play those songs anymore, and it doesn't matter how much you practise and warm-up? So you decide to quit after 2 hours of trying?

I seem to be having a lot of good days-bad day. Any advice how to keep up the good days?
Quote by Carmel
I can't believe you are whoring yourself out like that.

I also have bad days.

I tend to try to learn a new song every time I practice.

On the good days, I accept challenging songs. On the days where I just can't do it, I learn easier songs...I still consider it building skill.

I just don't worry about it, really. I try to learn endurance exercises on my bad days as well, so I can gain more strength. That way good days come more often.