Poll: Is jognson bass guitar any good?
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3 23%
10 77%
Voters: 13.
Hey people of UG. does any 1 of u have a johnson bass guitar or herd on 1? does it have good sound or is it a piece of ****.
They seem like another no-name cheap brand.
Squier or Ibanez are the best for starters. Don;t waste money on small brands unless you've excperienced the quality personally.
i'd avoid them if i were you. My local shop stocked them for a while but they were awful awful instruments. Up to this day the only bass I've cut myself on is a Johnson Stingray copy.

As Spaz said, go for Squier or Ibanez to avoid disappointment
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Phrase to sum up Johnson:

'Cheap and Nasty'.

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