I am having major trouble with alternate picking and I realized this when I was trying to play the tremelo picking in maze of torment. there are sixteenth notes at 210 bpm and i thought I was playing it right but then I realized I was playing triplets. I am also having trouble picking from my wrist because when I attempt to play really fast, I tense up and play from my arm.
All you can do is keep practicing. Start slow, make sure you're doing it right, and work your way up to speed.
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i'd get your picking hand to chill a bit.

don't dig the strings with your pick with muscle. flick them with your wrist.
Try anchoring your hand. Some people discourage, other people can't play without it. I always anchor my hand, and I feel it gives me more control. Angle the pick a bit, and always pick from the wrist.
Read the sticky and use your judgment but in my opinion you should not adopt anchored positions.
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Ok thanks....what is anchoring though? I hear that term alot.

Anchoring means resting a part of your picking hand on the guitar. Some people like to anchor it the bridge without placing their fingers on the guitar. Other people anchor it with their pinky alone, or with their pinky and middle finger simultaneously on the guitar. Some people don't anchor at all. Do you what you find comfortable.