And it's me again with a couple new songs for ya! This time I present two new songs - the dilogy called "Antietam". I've listened too much Schaffer's trilogy "Gettysburg" and....made my "Antietam"

Listen to it an C4C as always. I do hope you like my new war epic...

Don't forget to press F5 while listening ))

Always die-hard Iced Earth fan - Tom Araya.
2009 - The Antietam Dilogy.zip
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I thought the drums were a bit overpowering at the very beginning of the song. Maybe tone back on the volume or just have a different sort of drum playing but I just thought it was a bit much. However I did like the ensemble parts and especially in measure 41 when they'd start at the beginning of the measure. It was a nice piece...I'd give it 7/10.

C4C plz?
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