A while ago while in College we had to write a research paper on some new technological development. It just so happened that Gibson just started selling the Dark Fire at that time, so being a guitar player myself I decided to write my report on it.

Long story short, I researched it, played it, and ended up becoming impressed and liking the guitar, so much that I am seriously considering purchasing it. I tend to play Rock, Grunge, Metal, and Blues, although I like my guitars to be versatile so I can delve into other genres as well.

Does anyone have any experience with the Dark Fire? Are there better choices available?
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Sounds like you have better experience than most of us with it. I mean, you've written a whole report on it and even got to play it. Its completely your choice to spend so much on a single guitar.

Personally I would never spend so much just to have a self tuning guitar. I would tune it myself to save a thousand or so.
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I thiought they looked cool, though I would much rather spend less on a traditional Les Paul. The finish on the Dark fire is amazing though...
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so far, i see its got a piezo, a tone knob that makes a lot of change in tone, a system that can mimic other guitar tones, a lit up LED tone knob, an interface that connects to your computer so you can upload the many thousands of guitar tones, and the auto-tuning. so much technology in a couple pieces of wood.
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i say if you've done that much research on the guitar, and you're still intrigued by it that much then it might just be your "ultimate guitar." it's like me and my gibson BFG (except i didn't write a report). i researched the thing for 2 years, ended up finding a great deal, and couldn't be more glad i did. plus, the dark fire has got to be one of the prettiest guitars gibson has ever made!
Personally, I'd just go with a regular old Les Paul. Something about a ton of fancy features in a guitar is just too weird for me.
Thanks for all the input! I plan to check the guitar out some more. So far I haven't heard of it having any major problems, but I was just wanting to see if anyone here knew more.
"Notes are expensive, spend them wisely." - B.B. King
That finish is sexy, I think it should be available on other LP models. As for the guitar itself, I'm not really into all those extra features. I find it a bit gimmicky. I agree, it's a step forward as far as technology; it's innovative, but some things should be left alone. These things might find a place on an Explorer or even a Flying V model, but leave the Les Paul alone. I've never played this particular instrument, but I played a Robot LP once (not a fan), and it seems this is a 2nd generation of that line (actually, this is stated in the product description). I wouldn't buy it, I'd rather have a Les Paul Standard for the money and have the extra to spend on pedals, an amp etc. That's just my opinion, after doing a report on the guitar I'm sure you have a lot more experience, hands on and otherwise, with this model so I'd say the decision is totally yours.