I have a 1999 Mexican Strat that is amazing to play, but it doesn't stay in tune very well... I recently had it set up and the bridge is fine, but the tuners are junk.

I'd like to upgrade to locking tuners, but I'm going off to college in the fall and money is tight. Any ideas on cheap locking tuners that are still good?

Thanks for your help
What size tuners do you have at the moment? No good people suggesting tuners to you if they won't fit in the guitar.
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As of right now they are completely stock, but I don't have any problem with drilling holes to make tuners fit
Try a web site called Axes R Us they do all sorts of parts and they do them pretty cheap.
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I just got a set of the Deluxe Fender ones which are the same the USA Deluxe models have on E-Bay for $55. Installed them today. Seem to work very well. Although the newer style Fender tuners are different than yours. The older type Schallers should bolt right on, but are a little more expensive.
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