I wrote this today, it's the first time I've ever recorded anything, or done any vocal work. The drums are just basic loop I made. I like it, I don't think others will though. Guitar was an Ibanez Artcore into an old Crate amp, using it's distortion channel. Vocals were recorded straight into the lap top using the built in mic, with distortion and reverb added. Bass was a Johnson through the same amp's clean channel. Drums were a loop made with fruity loop.



Pagan? Check it out
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As awful as the quality is...

It feels like the old black metal days!

Loving it, just for that fact. Keep up the trve work.
the recording sounds kind of foggy. like it was done on cheap mics. i think its just a simple demo though, so no big deal. good playing. the drums sounded good for being a loop. i dident hear any vocals. that would have been nice. i can almost hear a sceam or 2 but no lyrics or anything. its a nice start though. just needs a little work.

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That's good ****, proper black metal not this blackened death stuff. I mean, I like the new stuff but there is no old stuff anymore. Keep it up, good work!

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