After my last several string changes I've noticed that no matter how high or low my action is I still get a couple of really annoying problems.
1.When sliding/hammer-on/pull-off from the 7th fret the the 6th on the high e string i get an annoying buzz.
2.When playing the e and b strings together e.g doublestops, bending both together I get another buzzing sound.

The buzzing sustains and happens even on a clean setting. I've looked at several other threads and websites and adjusted my humbuckers, action and intionation but nothing seems to stop the buzzing.

Has anybody got any suggestions that i could try?
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you might have a high fret.

you can take it to someone to work on the fret.

or you can check your neck's relief. see if you can use a little more bend to compensate for this.

the "how to" measure is in the first post of the QnA thread in my sig.
green link.

measure and post back here, if a credit card doesnt fit in the middle gap.

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