i listend to "the turning" cool rythem. good singing. you almost reminded me of the beatles. the lyrics were kind of hard to hear though. like they were slurred. i think you need to open it up a little more. im hearing a hint of jack johnson now. great playing and composing man. i like the lying/screaming line. good job. vocals are decent, they just need work. good lyrics and meledy ect otherwise. great job.

crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=20880588#post20880588
i will do mate as soon as i get onto a comp qith sound, no speakers on mine tomrow probs

cheers for the comments
a hint of jack johnson, chase palmer???? this is pure jack johnson.first thing i thought of.its pretty good, work on the singing rythm a bit, im not a fan of the singing melody
It does remind me of the beatles a little bit, I would work on your vocals a bit though,, need to be more clear, but that just comes with pratice. If you get some better sound recording equipment it would be much better. The guitar work is awesome, right on rythme for the most part.