This is a song that I wrote and I'd appreciate feedback on it. It's a mellow kind of song and I'm not even really sure how to classify it. I will c4c...thanks.

Updated version of the song is below and it is now in GP4 format as well. Thank you.
Song 2.zip
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Hm. The beginning is weird, but I like it when it picks up after a couple bars. Bar 13 is great. I like the slides on guitar 2. Bar 21 is good when the third guitar comes in, its lead kinda compliments the other one. Bar 53, I love the tone of the guitar. It sounds very crisp [not that it matters, it's just Guitar Pro, but nice choice on the RSE]

Pretty good, here, mate. No need for bass or drums, it's overdo it. Good job.

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The second guitar is actually a bass with auto-wah. And I was thinking of putting drums to it but honestly I thought it may be overkill too. I just wouldn't know where to even start with drums. Thanks. I'll C4C here in a little bit when I can get to a place where I can turn the volume on my comp up.
Intro was nice, rather odd. 13-20 was too Major for my taste. The second guitar was really nice. The riff near the end was interesting, pretty cool. End was really good. On the whole, cute kind of light song. 7/10
Edit: Listened to new version. Better. The ending was much better. 8.5/10
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