Dont worry, im not linking anything. I just need some help with something im working on. I am using two computers to work on a site, because I have 2 brothers who always wanna go on one, so I either hop on the laptop sometimes, or go on the desktop other times. I am using dreamweaver, and uploading to GoDaddy FTP servers, so im storing my files there, but then I have a computer that has some files and pages, while the other computer has the rest of the files and pages, and it feels dangerous to me.

Is there any way that I can download the ftp files or something, so that each computer can always have exactly the same stuff on it? I want to keep it nice and neat but its proving very difficult. Thanks!
I'm not sure how you could handle this with ftp sorry, sounds like you want a SVN style system to handle the files though (subversion control).

Maybe you could have an SVN server with all the files on it which you checkout copies from to edit and commit, then you can log onto your webserver with putty or something and then check out the files from SVN.

This might not be any help to you but by the sounds of things you want like a way of keeping everything on the same page so to speak across the different computers you use to edit the files. SVN is the way to go if that's the case
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I would help but my FTP knowledge is lacking. I only use it to transfer files between my PC and my iPod Touch/Xbox

I think your question has something to do with servers, something I know nothing about.