Hey UG'ers,

Over the past few months me and two other friends have been writing and recording songs. Our band is called Sleepsoil.

We finally got demos up on our band page. All three were recorded today. They are only guitar, vocals, and drums (no vocals on one of the songs yet) because our bassist is too lazy to come to practice (Yeah we're working on that...).

The quality isn't that great, there are mistakes, some improvising, and everything but vocals was mic'ed(?) together in my garage. My new drum heads come in tomorrow too, but we couldn't wait.

Check us out, listen to our MP3's (We have three up so far.). http://artists.ultimate-guitar.com/sleepsoil/

Tell me what you think, give suggestions, be a fan (More, and better quality MP3's come later). Thanks, this means a lot.

Oh yeah, I'm the drummer...
dude and change the title to something that says where we're from/what type o music we play....like
"Sleepsoil (grungey alt-rock band from Daytona Beach)
just a suggestion.