Well, after a long while waiting she's finally here!

A briefcase??

Well I guess it is a Samsonite...

Wait a second! What is that?

Why would I want an electric briefcase...?

Those knobs....they remind me of something.....what was it.....


Lets open it up

Ooh, open/closed back switchable

Its actually the guts of an Epiphone Studio 10 amp I fitted inside of an old briefcase I had. This thing rattles like nothing else though if you got enough bass. Clean sound is actually pretty decent, but add more than a touch of gain and your in MG territory.

Well that's all for now...

...I'm off to work .
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That is freakin awesome. I was hoping that's what it'd be when you said samsonite content. Looks real clean, nice job.
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i'm soooo doing that!

sorry to semi-steal your idea
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LOL nice.
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but it doesnt fit in the overhead compartment.
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wow, I was actually sorta thinking you had a "NAD" for a briefcase???
You fooled me, Did you makr it or buy it that way?

I like the creativity!
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And you're right

Gibson>Moog>KJL>Homebrew 2x12

Saving 4 any one of these:
Soldano Hot Rod
Splawn (anything)
Laney GH50L
Cornford Roadhouse
Marshall JCM2000
KJL 4x12 to match KJL head
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Why would I want an electric briefcase...?

That looks awesome, TS! Is it battery powered so that you can busk?


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You should install a battery power supply so you can go Jamming in Inaporpriate places in which breifcases are allowed, like the bus, or during Buisness meatings.
Thanks guys, I'll put some clips up soon, though don't expect it to be anything amazing. I'll look into making it battery powered, that would actually be perfect for this.
I wouldn't think it would be that hard. I mean look at the street cubes.

Keep us posted please. We recognise the fact that the Sampsonite may not be the best sound quality - but I think most of us are past that. Post Up!