A life so dependent on a young lady's soul
What a tragically demure life I lead
Horny as a priest and mindful as a thief
Such a shame that I need her to complete me

Five long years have I been trying
Five long years I've stood alone
Five long years I've watched her crying
And failed to spark her dimming soul

This is the last song I'll write about her
That last line, well it was a lie
I'll keep bitching and whining and gasping and trying
Til your sick of me asking you "Why?"

The saddest part is without her rejection
I'd never have picked up a pen
I'd be happy, in love, high and boring
Some call that perfect, but I'd rather live

Five long years I've wasted trying
Five long years I've died alone
Five long years she's watched me crying
And balked at rescuing my soul

c4c I suppose
I want Super Saiyan abilities