Ok, hopefully this is the right area to post this.

I have a friend that broke a guitar, because he's careless with his stuff. So the sincere person i am, i lent him my first guitar i bought with my own money. I am worrying that i might not get it back at all or worse of all, the guitar enters the fate of his old guitar.

the reason? well he keeps his guitars out of its case, on the floor, on the amp, etc. He's not a close friend, just a guy ive jammed with a few times and we go to the same school. So one day i went to his place to watch the game when i happened to notice his spider crap amp upstairs, with my guitar sitting on top of it (over a hardwood floor).

Am i just too paranoid or should i really get it back from harms way?



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Take it back.


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Sometimes you just gotta do what I had to. Break into their house when they're outta town and get it back
I wouldn't've given it to him in the first place.
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"give me my guitar back" (optional: "please")
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tell him u need it back. its yours.

if that fail lt. shineysides has the right idea.
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Doesn't sound like it should be very hard if he's not a "close friend". Just...ask him to give it back lol
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Say to him: "Hey man, could I get my guitar back please?" and hopefully he'll say "Yeah sure". If he asks why, just say "Because I need it back..." and then he might say "Yeah okay" but if he doesn't, then just say in a slightly pushier tone "Look dude, I really need it back just don't ask why" and then he should say "Alright fine". If he doesn't, then kill him.
When you went over to watch the "game" why didn't you just pick your guitar up and leave with it? I sense something bigger is going on here....

The "game" wasn't the "Prestige" and your name isn't Union Jake right?
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lie. say you need it for *insert decent cause here* and if hes nice he'll be like 'sure man, you know i think you look really nice today'
"Hey, give me my stuff back."
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lie. say you need it for *insert decent cause here* and if hes nice he'll be like 'sure man, you know i think you look really nice today'