There is supposedly a new child movie coming out by disney with talking guinea pigs. I found to my amusement that some movie theaters are holding coloring contests for it. And a copy of the paper was found! So, pit lets make pigs!

'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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You must make your own. Draw one.
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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that movie b strait up racist. yo.

also, im afraid the image isn't showing up.

I HAZ drawd u a r0d3nt

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no pics..
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xjosheex, you have made a simple answer to it all haha

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I hope he gets a blood disease and dies alone and screaming.

I mean that in the nicest way possible of course.
I will fix this!
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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yea, Tracy Morgan plays the ONLY black Guinea Pig
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I've never smoked before but it looks like fun.

like dat?

EDITED: added a name!

also.. if you would be so kind. translate the last part of the phone number into letters. plz??

edited 2: this ISN'T a rodent.
enjoi yourself

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Zeus's beard, I died of laughter
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Don't forget to name it!
'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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...it took me a moment.

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'member The Pit of 10'? oH, I 'member!

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