So yeah my band went through a **** load of name changes and we finally settled with one so the artist doing our merch can stop working his ass off lol.

Our band right now only has 101 friends and like 30-40 of them are other bands. So we really need to start building a fan base (or help from UG) The band has only been at large for about a month (since looking for members WAS A BITCH and we already kicked out a bassist) but in that month we've recorded and played one gig.

Please add, and crit the music (here on UG)

ALSO: We currently have no idea how to get more gigs and more public places like bars. I keep telling everyone to just email or myspace message owners of local bars and stuff but they dont want to for some reason... am I wrong with that approach? ffs...

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try to get in touch with promoters. most gigs are put on by promoters, you should be able to find the names of them on gig flyers. also, talk to bands in your area, they might know some promoters and put in a good word for you. venues generally don't have anything to do with what bands play (around here anyway, i'm assuming it's the same in most other places)

musics pretty good by the way.
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