Well, I haven't posted here in a while. I wrote this song and I would just like for some comments, maybe a little critique hear and there and feedback in general. if you like it thanks, if you hate then that's fine. thanks everyone.

i haven't dreamt and i haven't slept for days.
deep down a long hallway i hear him crying.
He calls for his mother, and cries for his father
His attempts are wasted and his calls fall on a deaf ear.
my eyes are wide, and my throat is dry.
i've been hiding from this.
i climb walls and i fall short everytime because
i've been hiding from this.
it's like facing a ghost every time i think of them,
my mind says run away, run away, but my heart says stay.
i've been hiding from this.
talk, write, sing it all out
feel better about the past.
life is too short to hate and
life is too short to worry
but i'm locked inside myself
and it's time to confront my disease but
i am still hiding from this.
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