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Voters: 17.
Sorry dude wont find one.
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depends... and why do you have squire and fender both?

that and you left out warwick ESP gibson and alot alot of other companies

It's personal preference.
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i voted ibanez cuz i play them, but its really a matter of personal opinion. Go to the biggest instrument store near you and play as many different basses as you can. Also try different models even by the same brand can be way different.
I voted Ibanez because they are my favourite. You can't really say who makes the best as it is personal preference.

Oh, but Dean suck
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Musicman, they don't only look sexy, but also have the best sound.
You can get practically any sound you want with da bongo
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I voted Ibanez- they're reliable, sound good, and look good. And they're really light

But that's only my opinion, go and try some!

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