Here is my cover of holiday by green day with my new schecter damien 6 FR.. sorry for bad quality.. need a better cam

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You seemed a little out of sync with the track to me for some reason. Like you weren't playing with a steady tempo, and you were a little fast in some parts and a little slow in some parts. I dunno if that's just me, or what. Also, you should deaden the strings or pick your fingers up when you switch chords, it sounds better. Other than that, solid cover. Good work
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yeah man i understand what you mean by the outta tempo... imma make another cover of that soon and take out some of the sliding n stuff... what do you mean by deaden the strings?
He means whenever you change chords, strum a dead note so it transitions better and keeps the flow.

It's where you place your fingers over the strings, but don't press it down, so when you strum it it doesn't vibrate.