I was thinkin about refinishing an old guitar, and i had a paint job idea. So the body would be painted red, and there would be dual stripes of white like a competition mustang, and the headstock would be white with red writing on it. Do you think it would look nice?
lol, don't bump your thread after 15 minutes. give us something to look at and you'll probably get more responses. mock something up in ms paint or photoshop or something.
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What guitar is it, it could look nice on the right body.

In my mind it sounds quite tacky however.
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how can you be anxious?
i think you mean impatient.

anyway, should look good, try using photoshop or MS paint to get your idea outa your head, looking at the paint might make you think differantly of it.

i think it should be fine, unles you make it look like a frankenstrat, then i freaking kill you.

jk. well, yeah i would want to kill you...
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