K now please correct me if i'm wrong but i couldn't find a thread or anything about what people here use to record... so if there isn't already one i just missed.. imma start one.

I use:

Ipod plugged into amp
And a digital camera to record my videos

I don't use any recording software or anything
Bass + 1/4 inch adapter (yeah, I know, don't flame me) + Adobe Audition 3. Audition has a really nice tube modeler that I use.
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This should be in the recording section, that's why he reported it.

To answer the question, when I'm just writing ideas, I open GarageBand on my Powerbook and hit the record button using the built in mic. When we're professionally recording, we use Pro Tools and all kinds of crazy stuff. Check out the songs in my profile to hear the quality.
Protools LE
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I use my rock band mic & audacity an my acoustic guitar
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lovecrimes -- frank ocean

Little cheapish mic for my pc
Screams break the silence
Waking from the dead of night
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Bark at the moon
all i use is my Metal Master Warlock, Line 6 III 15watt, mic with adapter to plug into my mp3 player(its a RCA 2GB) it actually sounds decent, Myspace.com/stevencallahan.
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...Metal Master Warlock, Line 6 III 15watt...it actually sounds decent...

I use a Line 6 Spider III/ Line 6 Toneport and audacity and the recordings are generally very clear... Check out my profile for an example...
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I use my rock band mic & audacity an my acoustic guitar

Right on! Except I use it for my electric next to the amp, but still, sweet.