I was craving some Reeses peanut butter cups, but I also wanted a sandwhich.

So I got out some Nutella and peanut butter and created a double decker sandwhich, one layer of peanut butter, one layer of Nutella

You guys ever created anything creative/ weird (possibly munchie inspired) and it turned out amazingly tasty? Share it!
Camilla Choads.
Yeah today I made a basil-pesto chicken panini with grilled onions at work.

I work at a pizza place too, so that's an accomplishment. :P I used two mini pizza doughs thrown out together to make like a flatbread thing.

Believe it or not pizza can get very, very old.
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wtf is Nutella?

and, let me think....

Cheese Tortillas are good cheese in the middle of a tortilla + a microwave = the sex

does any one else think the word "tortilla" is weird to spell out?
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not that i remember, although i do tend to take some taco bell salsa packets when i leave the place and use those when i make frozen pizza. its good. i dunno if u count thatas "creative"...

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Your mom

/pit answer.

Uh, I don't really eat anything someone would find weird.