Hey, I have a Peavy Nitro III and I had a Kahler Tremolo in it, but the Trem was messed up and stripped out so that the intonation could not set. I decided to take out the Kahler and Buy a Telecaster Style Bridge to cover the hole. I have accomplished just that, but I just covered the hole, I didn't fill it. My dad who is a 20+ year guitar player said that i'm going to have tuning problems with this beast if I don't fill the hole. He doesn't want to help me, so I decided to turn to U.G. If anybody who has a Nitro or has a good idea who knows how to do this can you help me out?

If not, i'm ready to sell the damn thing. It's in a pretty rough shape, but I just need to adjust the truss rod and set the intonation, and get a new bridge pickup because the one that's in it is dying. Besides that, it's a great playing guitar! I only spent $200 dollars for it, but I don't want to spend so much money on a dying cause when I could just possibly get a new guitar. So any tips?
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Ok. Measure the hole in all dimensions necessary. Buy a small block of wood and cut it to size. It should fit fairly tightly in order to have the most contact with the body as possible. Pretty sure that's the way to do it. And I think Kahler holes are pretty small, so it shouldnt be such a big issue.
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Yeah, That's what I was thinking. I was looking around on the net and they we're telling me to get sound wood, this special glue, wood glue and all this other things. I was just thinking of making the hole square in the guitar, get a block, take all the measurements, get some putty and put the thing in there and just sand it down, give it some paint and call it good...
Proud owner of an original Ibanez RG550!!