i'd like some opinion about afew MXR pedals:MXR M-115 Distortion III,MXR ZW-44 Wylde Overdrive,MXR M-104 DISTORTION and the MXR CSP-021 GT-OD Overdrive.
I play a black heart Little giant,and mostly punk,alternative rock and hard rock.
Are any of this pedals any good for me?
All of those are pretty good pedals, but all of them serve a slightly different purpose. What do you need?


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I need a pedal for kinda lots of stuff:Green day/sex pistols/the clash kinda punk,to a foo fighters/nirvana alternative to an AC/DC/zeppelin/sabbath kinda hard rock.
out of these, the only one i own is the GT-OD. it is a great pedal though, the tone control is VERY responsive and changes everything, while the gain can get quite crunchy, making this pedal more of a crunch pedal, although it does that purpose really well. it also works quite efficiently if you want to boost your already overdriven channel. to me, it's definitely a keeper.
The Distortion III is a great analog pedal. Almost acts as a good overdrive. Its a really good pedal that I would recommend to anyone.
The ZW od is ok, but to me it sounds a bit uncharacteristic and boring compared to the Distortion II
The M-104 is ok, but I much prefer the Distortion II
The CSP 021...... well... I don't have experience with this pedal.... I actually don't even know what it is, so no comment
Again, I prefer the MXR M115 to the OD, but thats just me

The Distortion III would be a great pedal for you. Imo its the most versitile than the others that you mentioned and also sounds better. Even though the Distortion III is good, I urge you to look at other pedals, not just MXR ones. There are alot better pedals out there than the ones you listed. Whats your budget?

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100 bucks.
EDIT:thanks man.Just watched a review for Distortion III.I think i'm gonna go with it.
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hello everybody,
I'm thinking about getting a MXR pedal and use it on a clean channel of my peavey classic 50 as an additional channel. I want it to have slightly different character and more gain than the lead channel on the amp so i can have more variety of sounds and make my setup more versatile. Could you help me on this? I'm thinking about either the Distortion III or the Wylde Overdrive. I haven't used any of those, just read opinion and seen the review by Andy from ProGuitarShop.com. Have you compared those pedals?
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