So, background: I've had this Strat for about 6 years now and I'm getting kind of tired of its electric blue finish. Bsically I have never, ever, done this so I really have absolutely no clue about how to do so.
Well, if someone could help me on this with the how-to and tips that would be great. Thanks in advance for the time.
The new finish would be some sort of Butter Scotch. And again really, no clue on how to do this.
take it apart, sand it down, then paint it. laquer how you want it, then put it back together, easy!

well its easyer words.. but its not that hard.
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Not quite.

The refinishing thread has a tutorial on painting (i think)
You should check it out.

Pretty much, take everything apart and take everything off the guitar. Then sand down the paint sandpaper or a sanding machine (i find an Random Orbital sander the best) starting off at about grit P60 then P80, P120, P180, P400 to get the surface smooth. then spray a few coats of primer sanding with about P180 between coats to get the surface smooth, then paint a few coats of paint over sanding with something like 400 in between, then spray a few coats of clear lacquer over the top. it looks like you want to relic it? So then you can do all the sanding etc needed to do that.

I am no painting expert so don't take that as a guide. Check out the refinishing thread, like I said its full of great tutorials and helpful people
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Please read the first page of this thread:
The ULTIMATE painting/refinishing thread
If you still have questions, post them in that thread.


yea basically all the info you can ever think to need is there or stewmac as Shawn said. the duplicolor website also has a good video
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The new finish would be some sort of Butter Scotch.

hot glue a bunch of butterscotch candies all over it. that'd be one sweet finish!