I started working on this piece a couple days ago. It's inspired by 20th century classical music. Odd structure, heavy discordance, changes in mood and intensity. Anyway, I'm sort of stuck as to where I should go from where I am. I don't know if I should keep it just guitar or add drums and bass or other instruments. Some constructive criticism and advice would help. Thanks
While I understand this type of classical music is going for a a feeling of discord, I feel some of the problem with this piece lies in a lack of interesting melodies. Excluding the main theme (which has a distant melody and "rigid" ending that kind of gives an entering a castle in Super Mario Bros.), the other pieces are just lacking significantly. Classical music should have more feeling in it, even if there are significant technical aspects and "discord." Additionally, I think these sections should be a bit longer. Some of them kind of lack a flow from one to the other, which is somewhat sensible considering the changes in mood you are going for (which, by my ear, was relatively unnoticeable).

Just to say it again, more melody would really bring out the good in this piece. I am kind of seeing this as more of a rhythm for something potentially better. While listening I was thinking to myself how much better this would be played on a piano instead of a guitar, as a left hand; and then you writing some more melodic pieces for the right hand. If you still desire a guitar, write two guitar parts. You see, if you keep this kind of discord feeling piece as one guitar; then write another to be more melodic and dramatic (mood changing) then you will probably see a significant difference.

Hope that was useful!
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As it stands, it is just [Riff]-[Riff]-[Riff]...

No flow, no passion, and personally not suited for a single instrument and certainly not a guitar like you have chosen.

In this time period, the concept of a "riff" wasn't even conceived, of course not colloquially, nor theoretically. Music was all about how one fit with the next. Often times, only a single theme would be used and yet it would be alternated to accommodate the movement needed in a piece of music.

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Another guitar should definitly be used to accentuate the main part of the song...or even a bass guitar could do this. I don't know how well drums would fit into this but then again I'm not a drummer and never claimed to have been. I agree that it doesn't really flow all that well but putting a little more time into that should solve that problem. I think you have a good idea here you just need to do some work with it and it would really be a beautiful piece.

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