Hey guys, I want to get a doubleneck 12/6 string electric guitar, but I am curious to hear what the 12 string side sounds like distorted. I can't find any videos anywhere, so if you guys could just explain to me what it is like, or even better provide some good videos that would be cool. Maybe the reason I can't find any videos is because it sounds really ****ty? Anyway, thanks.
someone asked this before....i remember someone saying it sounds like absolute ****, if that helps?
I've heard that a 12 string distorted sounds really close to a distorted 6 because a lot of the subtlety in the octaves is lost in the distortion of the sound
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Dave Mustaine used to use a 10 string bich with Metallica, it doesn't sound much different. I don't kknow what doubled low E & A would sound like distorted tho, probs a lil messier than usual.
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Quote by Wrst_Plyr_Evr
You know what strumming an open chord sounds like distorded?

You mean awesome? Seriously, as long as you're not playing with too much gain, I love the sound of OD'd open chords.

Anyway - TS, just from my experience with 10 string Biches - as long as you don't overdo the gain, you should be fine. I'd hesitate to use it for lead applications, though. Go find a shop and try it out.
as a few people have said, look at the sound of 10 string biches, but do remember that Dave Mustaine removed the octave strings on his Bich so it played as a normal 6-string.

i think BLS may use distorted 12-string necks on spoke in the wheel live since the last tour
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Okay, that's exactly what I thought.

On a side note, any other suggestions of good doubleneck guitars other than the G-1275? I saw the agile version of it and it looked pretty good also.
I'll report back in a week or so and tell you how it sounds. A friend's dad has a 12 string acoustic/electric, so I'll go and record some clips of it distorted and not distorted.