I need tips on falling asleep, i've been laying in my bed for two hours and its not working.
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Mix prescription anti-depressants with hard liquor.

Works like a charm.
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I like to fap, for one, it'll get all those little gitters outta you.

Two, well you could probably, like, lay down and close your eyes and relax.

That'd do the trick.
STEP 1- Take head
STEP 2- Touch wall with head at fast speed so that thud noise is heard
STEP 3- Re-do step 2 until either memory loss or sleep is achieved
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have a lady friend sing to you
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Listen to Dragonforce. Puts me to sleep every time.
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I Have the same problem. Every night it usually takes me 2 hours minimum to fall asleep. To help me sleep I usually take a sleep-eze or just listen to some music.
bright eyes knocks me out for some reason...
its just, calming i guess
Cannabis. You've probably smoked pot before, but if you haven't tried it yet smoke in the shower before bed. You'll have the most relaxing sleep ever.