Hey, I've been lurking around here for months but haven't gotten an acount until now! As you can see by my name, I'm into Fingerstyle! I searched for titles with Fingerstyle, and found seven pages of them Anyways, what's worse is that of the first few pages of threads I read... there were all of ten or fifteen songs! There were so many threads, yet the same songs were recycled repeatedly throughout threads. So I think we need a new, updated, and hopefully stickied Fingerstyle Thread!

-Fingerstyle Songs (Windy and Warm, Freight Train)
-Songs Re-Arranged for Fingerstyle (Nirvana, Viva la Vida)
-Lessons on technique, specific songs

Don't Include:
-Classical Songs (fingerpicking)

Sorry if I seem pushy... being new and all, but It's frustrating trying to find a refreshing, reliable Fingerstyle resource! I figured this would be the place, if any, to make one! So, let the magic begin!

p.s. Try and include a link to video and/or tab please
it would be in the guitar techniques sections
If it wasn't for bad luck, I wouldn't have no luck at all
i agree. most FP threads have the same songs in it, and im probably the biggest culprit for this. I think a thread soely dedicated to FP style is a great idea, rather than 4 or 5 of us regurgitating the few songs we know in this style over and over.


the guitar techniques section would be for how to play/ improve skills ect.. but there should be a tab sticky for the songs or links to tabs, requests ect.. having to do with what to play as opposed to how to play.
Yeah, for this thread I meant Tabs specifically! Whether it's tabs of songs or lessons is up to you
Here are a fwe I've got!

- Blackird
http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/tabs/b/beatles/blackbird_ver5_tab.htm - Blackird

-Classical Gas
(I also have Emmanuel's version but its PDF... so PM me if you want it!)

-Don't Think twice

-Here Comes the Sun
JAW has a great arrangement of this! I've got it in PDF, so PM if you want it!

-Streets of London

-Moonlight Sonata (2 keys, I prefer the one in Am)

-Norwegian Wood (Kinda fingerstyle)

-Day Tripper


-Pegao (more classicalish)

-Various Tommy Emmanuel Tabs (text and powertab)

-Bohemian Rhapsody (Kinda classical)

-Jenny Wren

-Under the Bridge (intro at least)

-Lesson (not that great, but helps a lil')

I have TONS more, but I'll wait and see what everyone else can come up with! Remember, anything goes, as long as it's in tab, powertab etc! So lessons, songs, drills, anything at all! Just keep it going... and dump all your tabs! The 'What Song' thread has mostly crap, as far as fingerstyle/picking!
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Wow, good beginners song! Mayer has some really good stuff eh? Neon is s neat song, it'd be cool to learn!
I'll list some tabs that I have as PDF on my computer... does anyone know where I can host PDFs online?

-Daytripper/Lady Madonna (TE)
-California Dreaming
-Canon in D
-Here Comes the Sun
-Road_To_Gundaghi_Waltzing_Matilda (TE)
-Classical Gas (TE)
-Freight Train (TE)
-Golliwags Cakewalk (TE)
-The Hunt (TE)
-Waltzing Matilda

So, if you want any of these... just PM and I'll get 'em to you! And please keep posting everyone! Any fingerstyle will do, whether country, death metal, even rap! actually no... not rap Seriously though! I know there's tons of tabs out there!
From the What Songs Thread ( only the good tab )

-Don't Follow

-Sound of Silence

-Fire And Rain


-Everybody Hurts

Those are the only decent ones from the 'Official' What songs thread... doesn't cut it for me! Here's some more!!


-If you could read my Mind (Gordon Lightfoot)
There a few decent tabs for this on this site

-While my guitar Gently Weeps (Scroll down the page a bit)

-Road Trippin

-Nothing Else matters

-Simple Man

I'll get more on here in a 'bit! I want some outsider input though, maybe some lesser known fingerstyle songs!
great list.

lesser known:
laid to rest - the showdown. PT on this site is good. beginner to intermediate (depending on your skill)
i have a book it have girl from ipanema , titanic, imagine, dust in the wind, fly me to the moon and others