I have my Randall RG50TC amp that I've been looking to get rid of. Put it on craigslist and got a response from a guy that says he wants to trade me straight up for an Epiphone Les Paul Studio with Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups and a hardshell case.

Is this anywhere near a good trade? I dont know Epi's that well so I dont know if the Studios are even worth the time. Input would be fantastic tho thanks guys
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I would look to see how much your amp goes for and how much the guitar goes for and see if price-wise it's in your favor.
Well if you go 60% of retail value of both of our stuff mine sells for 350 and his would be 380. I dont need the amp I've got a great one I just dont know if a Epi LP Studio is even worth it with those pickups in it...let alone a Epi LP Studio by itself
Elitists and Hypocrites