Hey again.

I got bored of writing death metal and the like, and while messing with my piano, created quite possibly the single most catchy song ever, dubbed "Good Times, Eh?"

Only problem is i'm stuck.I stopped right about where i'd put a guitar solo, but I have sort of a solo impedement. I'm sure if i worked for a few hours i could make SOMETHING that would fit, but i'd like to get some crit so far.I know it's not much, but there'll be more later.


By the way, crit for crit and the like.


Woohoo! done. I'm intrested in what you'll say about my ending. :P

Enjoy everyone.
Still C4C.

Super EDIT
So i found a program that lets me turn MIDI's into mp3s.

It actually sounds kind of good...Gives it a better sound.

Then again i don't have RSE so maybe i'm just marveling at modern day MIDI.

Programs called "Direct MIDI to MP3 Converter" if anyones intrested. It's free.
Good times, Eh.zip
Good Times, Eh Final!.zip
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I'll call you up when I'm doing the opening movie for my Family comedy, "Good Times" lol
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Lol. I knew someone would say that.

Turns out most things I write that aren't melo-death should be sitcom themes o_o'
Omg are you psychic?
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.

Here watch.


You're wearing.....

clothing of some sort.
Actually I come from a nudist family, and I thought you were for real! lol.
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.
Skin is clothes too.
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continue that! this is better than Depeche Mode, just because it has a happier vibe, but not that ''happy enough'' to be gay.
That would drive me to the dance floor for sure, I don't usually say this, but 10/10
Lmao. This is actually pretty awesome, I gotta applaud you for doing something so far-out like this. Congrats. And I do kinda wanna dance. O_O. XD. I love the trombones maybe the most, just 'cause. But "Let There Be Guitar" is awesome, too. Love it. The synth holds everything kinda together, I love that too. GAH! XD

I have a folder of UG things. Things by people on here that I love so much I save on my computer. I shall save this into that folder. XD.

Crit mine? Tired of You, in the sig.
This song made me laugh man, especially when the trombone came in
Gotta say you did a great job on this one, hard to believe someone who writes death metal music, writes songs like these.
Thanks guys.

Just know it's not done, i'm almost finished.

Be sure to check it out when it's done!

Gonna go return crit now..
Instead of editing my first post, that you will never notice I decided to drop to the bottom and use the handy dandy Quick Reply.

Readysetgo: The family runs together, and as this part plays it shows scenes of the family being happy.

Mmm, duet: shows the main actors of the series "Mary Kate and Ashley".

Aww Yeah: The ANIMALS! The animals get shown! AWW YES.

Question Mark: Lmao at section title lol // The dogs run to the family

Of the hizzay: it really was I liked it lol.

Wait a minute: LOL You're like me with your titles. The aploz is like omfg popcorn lol yess

10/10 you're a beautiful square writer dog, keep it up, maybe this is your genre? I don't believe I've listened to your other stuff lol. You need to compose music for family comedy shows lol
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All my original (C4C) material is located here.