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15 43%
18 51%
2 6%
Voters: 35.
So Pit... Do you stand, or sit to wipe? Sounds weird, but 'till about a few months ago I thought everyone stayed sitting down to wipe (because that's what I do) haha so please share
Other - I lie down.
But there was a thread on this a while back, and I'm not going to be an igmo and make a SB joke.
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Quote by Oroborous
How do you wipe when you're sitting down?

EXACTLY what i was thinking.

Isn't your butt in the toilet???

How you supposed to wipe it?
While sitting, just lift one leg and reach in there.
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I usually do a one armed handstand when i wipe.
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I put mine on a workmate and use Lemon Oil.

Oh..................Oops, wrong thing.
I pick up my guitar and play
Just like Yesterday

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Quote by DZCunuck
While sitting, just lift one leg and reach in there.

No thanks, I'll stand
bend over ftw (for the wipe)
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LE shoop? It must be rad. And yes, I see potential.

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