Hey guys,

So i'm in Tokyo, without a guitar, and I need to do a project for my Music production class. I'm supposed to sample from these 5 songs, and the first thing I need to know is the key theyre in so I can convert them. So please, can you guys figure out what keys these songs are in please?


M-flo - Let Go
M-flo - Miss You
Yuna Ito - Miss You
Kaera Kimura - HOCUS POCUS

Thanks in advance!
lol would you mind figuring them all out? i would greatly greatly appreciate that
i would say the 2nd one is in B but idk man, like i said i'm not that great at this, I dont want to give you the wrong keys
My first post.

In order of your list...

Ab Major /F Minor
F# Major / Eb Minor
C# Major / A# Minor
D Major / B Minor
F Major / D Minor

I didn't really check if there were any key changes. And some of those were based on live performances. Hope this helps.
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