good singing and guitar.

The singing was a little loud, but that might be me.

The guitar was composed well, and you have a pretty good voice.

It wasn't too long, so it kept me interested the whole time.

Might have sounded better if you added drums or maybe bass also.

Thanks for the crit.
Quote by destroy_techno
You have a nice voice.. The guitar should be a tad higher in the mix

Maybe add a percussive element.. Not full blown drums, but maybe a shaker or something

i agree with this. It would be much more dynamic with something percussive, but this is a really great job nonetheless.
You need to make a CD of your stuff and sell it, I seem to enjoy everything you put out. Its like good old country, not that rock country thats seems to be popular now. But I do agree you could add a shaker and a bass in there, and have the bass hang the notes.
i enjoyed the vocal doubling. great emphasis on the important lines. like the others have posted, the mix was a little unsettling, with the vox so far above the guitars. good vocal tone, great spacey sound to your guitar. keep it up!
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I also agree with Destroy_Techno's post. A little percussion in the background would really help get a lot more across. Guitar is simple, but has a nice hook. It's not hard, but it get's your message across really well I find. The lyrics themselves I found really nice too. A little bit on the quirky side. As for the singing, you've got a good voice dude, props for that. However, I found you were a *tad* flat at parts. This may be because you may not be truly singing into the mic while recording. It may seem weird to be singing into the mic without anything else going, but sing it like you would for an audience, with energy. I'd personally give it a 4/5. Not perfect, but by no means bad at all. Good job.
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agreeing with the above on the idea of percussion to be added to the mix, but otherwise, you've done a pretty nice job of a county-type song. Good work!
Hey good job with the vocal tracks, very clean doubling. I like the vibe of the song, your vocals sounded country to me as well, dont know if that was intentional or not but i liked it. Nice clean playing to and i agree on adding light percussion, maybe some light latin drums or something?

Thanks for the crit on mine btw!