I randomly noticed just then, while reading through the CD booklet of 3 Doors Down's The Better Life album, which I borrowed from my local library yesterday, that their drummer is also their vocalist. That, I must admit I never knew! The only live band I've seen with that sort of structure is The Lucksmiths, and they certainly pulled it off amazingly well.

What other bands are there who operate in this fashion? I'm sure there are quite a few prestigious ones out there I simply never knew about.
Atreyu drummer does chori usually
three days grace drummer does backup vocals
Drummer of Priestess does vocals on the song Blood, sounds terrible live..
Genesis/Phil Collins

The Romantics

Queen (Roger Taylor even has his own band)

The Bangles (Debbie Peterson on a few songs)

Ringo Starr

That's all I can think of at the moment.
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Cowboy Mouth, they were kinda suckish though.
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How is that possible live, then you need a powerful voice which can sing louder than the drums.
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How is that possible live, then you need a powerful voice which can sing louder than the drums.

Or a vocal microphone
Its honesty very rare, i takes alot of talent to drum keep time signature for the whole band and do vocals on top of that! Best iv scene is Peter Criss of Kiss! Check it out!

Black Diamond

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if i remember correctely, taylor hawkins from foo fighters does lead vocals on a cold day in the sun. well at least he did on live at wembley...
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