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Anime ("ime" pronounced like in the word "time")
3 3%
93 88%
2 2%
Other (specify in post)
8 8%
Voters: 106.
I don't know much about anime, bt what I've realized is that everyone I know pronounces "ANIME" differently.

How do you pronounce it?

- Anime ("ime" pronounced like in the word "time")
- Animay
- Aneem

Poll coming.
I think that in English logically it would become 'ani' as in 'animal' and 'me' as in 'me' [myself]. I say it 'animay' anyway... an old friend called it 'a-name' which drove me up the wall. In Japanese would be their pronunciation, that being with short vowels.
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Animay, anything else is wrong.

this, animee would be spelt that way, its spelt anime so its animay. and that was a little poem to remember it by.
An-ee-may. I hate the stuff though, can't stand it.

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Я произношу это именно так.

Uh - nee - mah

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An-ee-may. I hate the stuff though, can't stand it.

Care to say that agian
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I pronounce it the japanese way.

Me too, "ah-ni-meh".
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Anime sucks
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Ah-nee-may, obviously. I believe this is how the japanese pronounce it when they use the English word.

S t a i r s s r i a t S

Sometimes I say Ah - ni - me, and othertimes Ah - ni - may.
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Here we go again.

Anime, Japanese アニメ, short for animation, Japanese アニメシォン, is pronounced "a-ni-may."
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